Projects in the SECD Lab

The SECD lab has multiple ongoing projects to promote positive development in schools. These projects range from school-wide universal interventions, to SECD integration into academic classes, to teacher and administrator trainings.



MOSAIC is a collaboration between the Rutgers Social-Emotional and Character Development Lab and the Jersey City Public Schools.  

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Youth Nation

A space created for youth to exercise political expression and hear from other youth around the country. Learn how to get involved in your political environment.

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Students Taking Action Together (STAT) is a set of instructional strategies that can be integrated into existing social studies/history/civics/current events curricula, designed to help students get along better and improve civic engagement, civility, and respectful discourse, through building key SEL competencies

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District-Wide SECD Implementation

The SECD Lab has experience with District-Wide and School-Wide implementation, particularly in urban settings, and we have made many of our consultation and planning tools and curriculum-related resources available here.

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